Flexible working, more and more self-employed people, digitization, internationalization, the growth of online shopping, doxing, the growing importance of privacy… these are all developments that we respond to with our Pri-services and offer practical solutions. And those services are supported by one online platform (PriPortal) in which everything comes together and on which our own, dedicated IT team works on a daily basis.

We have now been in existence for more than 12 years, we have customers in more than 88 countries and our team consists of 20 employees aged 22 to 72 years old. Originally started as a smart alternative to the P.O.box, in recent years we have mainly invested in the development of the PriPortal so that it is a scalable, online IT platform with which we can realize exponential growth with the various services we have today:

A postal service you can rely on

When you need a postal address, it’s essential that you can rely on the company that receives and processes your mail. Mail is very personal and can contain confidential information. PriPost has been around for more than 12 years and has customers in more than 88 countries of the world. Clients are small and large companies, freelancers, famous personalities, former politicians, lawyers, etc.

At PriPost, personal service and good accessibility are central and we believe that is the basis of trust. Mail is processed with the utmost care, with the mail being digitized for the vast majority of customers. It is of course up to the customer to determine how the mail is processed and everything can be easily arranged online via the PriPortal.

Office spaces, meeting rooms and CoC business addresses

Flexible working where and when it suits you, in a comfortable and representative office. That is what PriOffice offers . You can also register your company in the Trade register at our office addresses, so that business and private life remain separate and your company has a professional appearance. Of course at the lowest possible cost, so that you can mainly invest your money in the growth of your company.

We organize and automate everything so well that we can offer the cheapest rates on the market.

Your parcels are in safe hands

When using an external shipping address, it is essential that you can rely on the company that receives and processes your packages. After all, they are your goods and valuable items can be included. Smooth processing and clear communication is essential. At PriParcel, the best personal service and good accessibility are key, because we believe that’s the foundation of trust.

Many international consumers, traders and web shops have been using the services for years, whereby PriParcel receives, consolidates and forwards their parcels. Parcels come and go all over the world with significant cost savings on transport costs by consolidating parcels.

VoIP telecom services

With a fixed telephone number you give your company the appearance of a larger company, despite the fact that mobile calling is the standard today. PriTelecom offers by far the cheapest rates for a VoIP number, where you then choose how the number is forwarded. To a fixed VoIP device, to a mobile number, to a voicemail? Everything is possible.

It is also possible to make calls with your VoIP number, with both national and international numbers being very competitively priced.